Playroom norms:

  1. Please sign in at the HPNC front desk and get a purple wristband to wear while using the playroom.
  2. Children must always be accompanied by an adult caregiver. Maximum adult:child ratio is 1:3.
  3. Please clean up and put toys and books away; leave things better than you find them.
  4. If toys have been inside your child’s mouth, please clean them using the disinfectant wipes provided.
  5. The closet, file cabinet, and desk/office area are off limits.
  6.  If you have suggestions or notice anything that needs attention, please email PSN board member Ann Carbonetto . If something needs immediate attention, please inform the HPNC front desk staff.
This playroom is sponsored by PSN and Baby PhD, and is one of the benefits of your PSN membership. Please remember to pay your annual PSN dues to ensure we can continue to provide a playspace. You can do so online or by mailing/dropping off a check to us at:

Parent Support Network
c/o Hyde Park Neighborhood Club
5480 S. Kenwood Ave.
Chicago, IL 60615


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