The Hyde Park Parent Support Network (PSN) is a volunteer-run organization for parents of babies and children from Hyde Park and surrounding neighborhoods. PSN offers a playroom in the First Unitarian Church on Woodlawn Ave.

Our e-mail message board provides a forum for asking parenting questions, sharing child-related as well as Hyde Park-related information, and exchanging items for babies, children and families.

We have weekday playgroups organized by age, as well as mixed-age playgroups that accommodate a working or studying parent’s schedule. We also coordinate parent groups, such as a monthly book club, and host fun, child-focused parties to celebrate different times of the year.

PSN always encourages and supports the formation of new playgroups and introduction of new activities to stay fresh and to continue to meet the needs of its membership. Do you have a talent you’d like to contribute or an idea for a group or activity you’d like to coordinate but just don’t know how to get started? Post it on the PSN member listserv (ParentSupportNetwork@yahoogroups.com) for feedback. Chances are, other parents will be interested too!


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